Sabtu, 03 Januari 2015


What do you do when airplanes or ships you have a problem? There is no other way except to jump into the sea and survive as much as possible. Musing timeless and over. Every one of us there is a chance taking a ship or aircraft.
Well, tips should be alert during a disaster. For example, a ship leaking, surely we should use a backup boat. But what happens when there is no backup boat? You must swim to the ocean.
Another condition, you can jump from the plane (although this is very great). You terjebur to sea and had to swim or float. In this discussion I will be sharing experience while at sea.
1. Stay calm
You have to be quiet, this lock your safety on the water (sea). The more calm the better. Set the breath and start trying to float. If not biased floating in the water. Learning from now on in the pool. Began to lie down and sleep on the water. Maki limp the better. Raise your hips up and you will float freely.

2. Find Floating Material
As much as possible looking for materials that can float (emergency buoy)
Biasasnya, when a plane crash, there are materials that float. Download and start a float made up. The more calm, you are the easier it is floating. Tense will make you sink.

3. Set the Breath
Breath is the best energy source while on the water. The more deep breath and slowly the water above amkin good condition. Energy the better with a long breath. Tranquility increasingly doubled during breathing long, do as much as possible

4. Find a great material for a ride
Hopefully there is a slab or some sort of backup boat that you find, and this is very likely to occur. Keep trying and look around, who knows there is great material you can ride a boat

5. Pray and ask for help
Prayer is a last resort after trying the maximum. If there is a fabric and wood, in order to make it as an SOS flag TEAM SAR can see you, either from the sea or from the air (helicopter)

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